Jeff Rose 
Originally residing in upstate NY recently, moved to Anderson SC. Adding Jeff to the group brought us the deep, clear, crisp notes and harmony that is need to make a bluegrass band well rounded. Jeff also offers lead and harmony to the vocal part of the group. Jeff is also a great song writer.  

meet the band

Cane Creek Bluegrass Band

Nan Harvell 
The rhythm guitar player, with a Santa Cruz Tony Rice model in hand. She is pushing the rhythm to get the sound that Cane Creek is noted for. Also, Nan makes her contribution to the vocal and harmony parts of our group.  Oh yes, she also takes care of the banjo picker.

A hard driving Bluegrass band for your event 

Steve Snelgrove

Steve has been an "official" member  Cane Creek for the past ten years.  Steve can play ALL of the instruments at a very accomplished level and his lead and harmony singing is second to none.  Steve picks mandolin with Cane Creek.  Steve also contributes by writing original songs for us to perform.

Bill Sanders

Bill is the newest member of Cane Creek, coming on board  July 5, 2008.  Bill plays an acoustic electric bass with Cane Creek.  He is doing a great job holding the group together with his bass and adding wonderful lead and harmony vocals. Bill also adds his excellent songwriting skills to the group.


Mark Harvell 
Mark started his banjo journey by taking lessons from the legendary Al Osteen back in the late 70's, then took a 22 year "vacation".  Started back playing in 2001.  His banjo hero's include: Earl (of course), J.D. Crowe, Tom Adams, Ron Stewart, and Steve Huber.